Ashley HardyVP Sales and Marketing

areas of expertise
  • Business transformation
  • Restructuring and turnaround
  • Integration
  • Growth strategy
  • M&A transaction support
  • MBA, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
  • BS, engineering, Technical University of Denmark
  • MBA, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

With over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, management, business planning, financial analysis, software engineering, operations, and decision analysis, Brandon has the breadth and depth of experience needed to quickly understand entrepreneurs’ businesses and craft the most suitable solutions.

Consulting WP comes up with results that are actually implementable. That is their strength compared to other consulting companies.

Before founding Consulting WP in early 2001, Brandon started two Internet companies in Silicon Valley. Previously, Brandon held various management positions in New York at Simon Brothers, most recently as Vice President in Goldhill Group, focusing on new business development and risk management. He has also worked as a senior financial risk management consultant to the financial services industry; software engineer; advertising sales manager for the popular Caribbean travel guide series; general manager of an advertising and graphic design agency; and engineering intern at the Best Health Coach.


  • Conversion Rate Optimisation, ευχρηστία και άλλες όμορφες λεξούλες, που κρύβουν… πλούτο

    Καλησπέρα καλή φίλη και φίλε, του άσημου αυτού blog σκόρπιων σκέψεων του υπογράφοντος. Αρχικά οφείλω να απολογηθώ γιατί το (και σας) παραμέλησα λίγo και σταμάτησα να γράφω τις σκέψεις μου, αλλά… εδώ είμαι και επανέρχομαι ορμώμενος με πολύ juicy στοιχεία που πιστεύω ότι έχουν αρκετό ενδιαφέρον. Σήμερα λοιπόν, το μενού έχει ευχρηστία και Conversion Rate

  • Ποιο είναι το καλύτερο ελληνικό eshop;

    (Αν βαριέσαι να διαβάζεις τη φλυαρία μου, μπορείς να scrollάρεις στο τέλος, για να δεις το όνομα. 😉 ) Καλώς όρισες, καλή φίλη και καλέ φίλε, πίσω σε αυτό το αραχνιασμένο blog. Πέρασε σχεδόν ένας χρόνος, από τότε που έγραψα εδώ τελευταία φορά, αλλά είχα πέσει με τα μούτρα, σε ένα project, γιατί έπρεπε να


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+1 628 123 4000
131 Bain Street
New York, Pennsylvania 01234, United States

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Panathinaikos B.C.

Headed the digital transformation project of the club, with the assistance of Euroleague.

In two years, Panathinaikos increased performance on all 8 categories (Ticketing, Arena, Merchandising, Owned Media, CRM, BI, Operations, Innovation) of the Digital Readiness Assessment of Euroleague.


Redesigned and redeveloped all the merchandising strategy of Paoshop (new flagship store, new webstore, etc.), the retail branch of Panathinaikos BC.

In less than two years, Paoshop become the second-best merchandising branch of Club, in Euroleague’s Digital Readiness Assessment.

Pizza Fan

Developed a complex Google Analytics system, with advanced custom solutions.

Along with the Pizza Fan data team, we redesigned the whole metrics and monitoring system, introduced new custom audiences, and developed a series of solutions on Google Analytics, Firebase, GA4 and Tag Manager

Tsakiris Mallas

Developed the online strategy of the leading footwear brand from the beginning.

Redesigned the websites, the processes, the customer experience and introduced new metrics models.

TM’ s webstore was named ‘Best Fashion eShop’, at the Evolution Awards 2017

Funky Buddha

Assisted on the development of a new digital strategy of the famous fashion love brand.

Launched a new webstore, developed a new tag management and analytics setup, fully tracking every event, and optimizing the web property with constant A/B tests, heatmaps and online customer surveys.

Al Batha Group

Al Batha is a group comprised of 25 autonomous companies, from automotive and healthcare to electronics, FMCG and real estate.

Worked along with the Al Batha eCommerce team to develop new web stores and online measurement plans for the retail companies of the Group.

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