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an advisor in eCommerce and online Customer Experience

Who is FOTIS

Fotis is a technology enthusiast with over 20 years of experience in ecommerce.

He has held various managerial positions (GM, Director of eCommerce, Digital Manager, etc.) in large organisations, such as Panathinaikos BC, Fais Group of Companies (Under Armour, Puma, Hogan), DPG Media (CNN, Queen, etc), Ancient Greek Sandals, Tsakiris Mallas, etc. 

He has been awarded with over 25 industry awards for his projects, amongst which the awards for ‘Digital Strategist’ (2019), ‘Digital Manager of the Year (2016)’ , ‘eCommerce Manager of the Year’ (2015) and Platinum eVolution Award on eCommerce (2021).

Fotis has also served as a board member at the Greek eCommerce Association for over 7 years, 3 of which as a President and is a frequent keynote speaker on various ecommerce-related events.


Discover how you can become more efficient with your online presence

Having a 20-year experience on building leading ecommerce properties, I have developed a series of processes and frameworks, from data analytics and web development to conversion optimization and enhanced online customer experience.

Analytics and Tag Management

Firstly, we will audit your metric system to correct any tracking issues. Then we will adjust and enhance your analytics to match your needs. And finally, we will create a custom measurement plan to your needs.

Technological Upgrade

Once we have a proper tracking system, we will dive into data to discover what we need to develop. We will create new custom solutions that will aim on increasing sales, conversion rate and all the important KPIs

Conversion Optimization

Having finished all the necessary implementations (data and technological), we will begin the optimisation process.

We will use a series of tools and processes to identify not only the ‘where’s and the ‘what’s of online consumer behavior, but also the very important ‘why’s. Based on that, we will initiate an optimisation strategy, to make online sales more efficient.

Customer Loyalty

Having created a user base, we will focus on properly segmenting it, analyse the personas and their behavior and focus on retaining the most important customers, reduce churn and increase customer lifetime value


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I had the opportunity to work with Fotis, on a series of projects, at Fox Networks Greece. As he was explaining to me his strategy, I could identify his efforts to produce countable results and ROI. Clearly one of the few dynamic and creative eCommerce people in Greece, that understands how performance works, at the highest level!
Nadia Demiri
Nadia Demiri Commercial Director The Walt Disney Company (GR&CY)
Fotis is one the most experienced senior eBusiness professionals in the Balkans. He owns the know-how, he possesses the skills and he has access to a network of decision-makers, and that makes him a great fit for most difficult projects & senior positions in the industry.
Panayotis Gezerlis
Panayotis Gezerlis Founder & CEO Convert Group
Want to learn eCommerce and digital marketing from a real pro? Bring Fotis to your organization.
He’s the real deal !

He makes magic of the mystery of the digital world and delivers results. Very performance oriented, strategic and multitasking mind
Eftychia Baka
Eftychia BakaSenior eCommerce Manager Nestle
Few people are as up-to-date with the innovations taking place in the tech, start up and e-Commerce industries, information which Fotis is able to transform to unique business ideas and proposals. More than all the above though, he approaches every issue with enthusiasm, humor and a positive attitude
Katerina Karagianni
Katerina KaragianniCo-Founder UX Lab & Linkwise
What I admire most about Fotis is the fact that despite he is a marketer, he has a wide knowledge of technology, making him a terrific partner to talk with and consult from, in any occasion.
If you combine these with his genuine humor, this makes him one of the most succesful ecommerce professionals
Sofia Anadiotou
Sofia AnadiotouMicrosoft
Fotis is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits.
His comprehensive, 360°, deep knowledge about e-commerce makes him a necessary partner – consultant for anyone wants to deal with it.
Panagiotis Koumoutsakos
Panagiotis KoumoutsakosCEO, Kostis Jewellery
I found at Fotis, a partner that is an idea-creator, a solution-provider, a project closer and above all an easy-to-go person.
Definitely the person you want to work with if the demands on a project are very high.
Nikolas Mpardakis
Nikolas MpardakisFounder, Adjust

Some Reasons to celebrate



Digital Strategist of the Year (eBusiness World Conference, 2019)
eCommerce Manager of the Year (eBusiness World Conference, 2016)
Digital Manager of the Year (eBusiness World Conference, 2015)

Evolution Awards

Platinum Award in eCommerce (2022)
Best Pharma and Beauty eShop – Gold Award (2022)
Best Greek eShop – Gold Award (2015)
Best Fashion eShop – Gold Award ( 2015, 2016, 2019)
Best Customer Experience – Gold Award (2013, 2015, 2016)
Best Innovation – Gold Award (2016)
Best Design/Aesthetics – Silver Award (2015)
Best Mobile eShop – Silver Award (2015)
Best CPC Campaign – Gold Award (2015, 2016)
Best Customer Support Team – Gold Award (2013)
Best Overall eCommerce Strategy – Gold Award (2012)

Business IT Excellence

Best eCommerce Practice (2015)
Best eCommerce Practice (2014)

Other Awards

Best eTailer of the year (eBusiness World Awards, 2021)
Best Performance Marketing – Gold Award (Peak Awards 2019, 2020, 2021)
Most Responsible Business in Pharma (Responsible Business Awards, 2021)
Best Fashion eShop – (eBusiness World Awards 2014)
Best Use of Internet for Sales – Gold Award (Sales Excellence Awards, 2016)
Best Use of Internet for Sales – Gold Award (Sales Excellence Awards, 2015)
Best mCommerce strategy – Gold Award (Mobile Excellence Awards, 2015)

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